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001173025 002new paint-MTs-crop GP N54RK Left 3 Qtr crop
Platinum Series Marquise
1981 MU-2 Marquise
SN 1545SA  $1,625,000
Many exciting upgrades planned on this 6th in the series of fully refurbished MU-2s!
2013 Queen of the Fleet
Platinum Series Marquise!
1981 MU-2 Marquise
N54RK  $950,000

DSC 9401 gp N33EW Right Ext main 2  N42AF Right Ext gp 
Sperry Marquise with MT-Propellers!
1982  MU-2 Marquise
N338ML   $895,000
 Sperry Marquise with MT-Propellers!
1981 MU-2 Marquise
N33EW  $895,000
Sperry Marquise with Fresh Hot Sections! 
1980 MU-2 Marquise
N42AF  $795,000.00
N68CL right 3 QTR main  gp N105WM Left main N21HP Left 3 QTR 
 Sperry Solitaire w/ MT-Propellers!
Low-Time Engines; G-600

1981 MU-2 Solitaire
N68CL   $765,000

 Low-Time -10 Engines
Garmin Upgrades / ADSB-Out,
1978 MU-2N
N105WM   $675,000
Low-Time -10 Engines
ADS-B Compliant / Fresh Inspections!
1977 MU-2P-10
N21HP  $645,000
N17HG-Ext 2-main  gp N759AF Left  N700WA-L Ext gp
 Sperry Marquise -
Fresh 100/200/600 hr & 1/3 yr Inspections!
1981 MU-2 Marquise
N17HG  $595,000
Long-Range Fuel Pods
1980 MU-2 Marquise

N759AF   $325,000  
Low Overall Time, Garmin Upgrades
Recent Prop O/H w/All New Blades

1979 MU-2 Solitaire
N700WA   $475,000  
  N99SR R 3 QTR EXT gp
Low Engine Times, G-600
1974 MU-2K
N99SR   $395,000
w/Fresh Inspections