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Wednesday, August 28, 2013: Day 4 - Straubing-Salzburg
Today we had a great day in Straubing at the MT-Propeller factory. After an extensive tour of the blade manufacturing facility, the hub manufacturing facility, and the assembly plant, I am even more impressed with the MT-Prop. Talk about German engineering; there is no doubt that they build their props with pride and passion. In the words of Gerd Muhlbauer, President of MT-Propeller, "We turn horsepower into thrust efficiently". (Photo: Mike with Gerd Muhlbauer)
082813 Gerd Muhlbauer and Mike Laver at MT Propeller
082813 N50ET on a wet ramp in Salzburg AustriaWe left Straubing at 5:30 PM for the short 70 mile flight into Salzburg in Austria. It was breathtaking flying in along the Austrian mountains into Salzburg. Tomorrow is an exciting day, we are going to spend the day at the Red Bull Hangar Museum. No flying for N50ET tomorrow--she gets the day off.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013:  Day 3 - Reykjavik-New Castle-Straubing
Despite the time change--which meant us rising at 0130 Aiken time--we were fresh and ready to start Day 3 of our journey. We departed Reykjavik in the rain (photo: right) at 0724 and climbed to 25,000 feet. Slight tail winds again gave us a ground speed of 320 knots; TAS was 290 burning 66 GPH total, as we headed to Newcastle in the United Kingdom. 082713 Rainy departure from Reykjavik

It was a beautiful day in Newcastle (photo below), and the Samson Aviation staff was fantastic--we laughed and had fun the entire time. Once we were fueled, we departed Newcastle for Straubing in Germany. After crossing the English channel, we flew right over the top of Amsterdam, which was an amazing site. From the Netherlands we then flew into Germany passing between Hannover and Dusseldorf. The weather was great, which allowed us to see for miles. As we traveled into Germany, the accents became more difficult to understand on the radio so I had to really pay close attention.

082713 An interesting tower and a flight school at NewcastleWe are now in Straubing, a wonderful small city in Bavaria and home of the MT-Propeller company. I have really enjoyed flying with the MT-Props; they are quiet and smooth, plus I enjoy the extra climb performance which is helping me on fuel burn for those long legs.

I would like to thank the children of the 2nd Grade Class at Aiken Elementary school for their interest and support in following our flight around the world. 

Monday, August 26, 2013:  Day 2 - Goose Bay-Narsarsuaq-Reykjavik
082613 MU-2 at sunrise in Goose BayWe rose this morning at 0400 in Goose Bay (photo right: sunrise in Goose Bay) so we could be airborne at 0600, but as we were driving to the airport, I remembered that you cannot depart for a Greenland airport without a current TAF unless you want to be in violation on arrival. We received the TAF for Narsarsuaq just a few minutes after 0600, so we ended up departing Goose Bay at 0630. It was a quick 2.3 hour flight to Narsarsuaq with tailwinds all the way! The scenery in Greenland is truly amazing and flying up the Fjord to the airport is breathtaking. We then flew over an iceberg on a short final to runway 07 (photo below). Every pilot—I think—needs to experience flying into Narsarsuaq.
082613 Iceberg on final to NarsarsuaqAfter spending a short time on the ground fueling and chatting with a family returning after a 3 month tour of Europe in their TBM 700, we were on our way to Reykjavik in Iceland. On this leg, we saw 362 knots for a short time. We landed in Reykjavik after another short 2.3 hour flight. Day 2 of 25 now complete.


Sunday, August 25, 2013:  Day 1 - Aiken-Frederick-Goose Bay
Mike departing Aiken
For the first leg on my flight around the world the winds were, you guessed it, headwinds. Apart from that it was a great flight to Frederick (KFDK). I was greeted by Mike Collins and his family. Mike was packed and ready to go. After fueling we departed KFDK and were vectored on an unwanted tour of Washington by the Centre. When transferred to New York Centre, they wished us well for our around the world flight (someone there reads the AOPA magazine) and gave us direct VLV (Beauce) direct CYYR (Goose Bay).At 25,000 ft I am pushing 35 knots of headwind, my calculator is working overtime. 082513 Landing Runway 8 at Goose BayWith 1 hour remaining to CYYR I am pushing only 20 knots of headwind. My TAS is 285 knots and I am burning a total of 66 GPH, what an amazing machine these MU-2's are.

Landed at CYYR after 4.5 hours enroute and 70 gallons remaining. The weather is beautiful and were off for a beer with the locals.

(photos: Above: Departing Aiken; Right: Landing on Runway 8 up in Goose Bay, Labrador, Canada.)