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Around The World - N50ET

In recognition of the 50th anniversary of the first flight of the MU-2 in Nagoya, Japan on September 14, 1963, Mike is planning to fly his personal Platinum Series MU-2 -10 K model, N50ET, around the world to arrive in Nagoya by Saturday, September 14, 2013 to celebrate this milestone. It was Mike’s good friend and fellow MU-2 enthusiast, Ross Russo, who made us aware of this significant date in the history of the MU-2.

While we considered holding a party stateside to commemorate the occasion, Mike thought it would be more meaningful to be in Nagoya on that date, and what better way to celebrate a first flight with another first flight—Mike’s first around the world and in an MU-2—an aircraft that has been a significant part of Mike’s life for nearly 30 years.

Mike is still in the early stages of planning the trip but so far it looks like he will fly N50ET eastbound from Aiken, South Carolina, to Eastern Canada to Iceland across the North Atlantic, through Europe, the Mid-East, India, Indonesia and through Australia prior to landing in Japan. Mike is including Australia in the trip to commemorate when he first began operating the MU-2 27 years ago in Western Australia and he is looking forward to this homecoming. After leaving Japan, Mike is planning to make a couple stops in Russia and Alaska and stops in Montana and Nebraska before heading back home to Aiken. (See projected flight map below.) 

Mike is encouraging other MU-2 owners to plan a trip of their own and for all parties to arrive in Nagoya by the 14th of September. Please check the website periodically for trip updates and important planning information.

For those of us unable to fly with Mike, we will be able to make the trip vicariously by following Mike through his Delorme InReach Communicator which will provide an update on his location every 10 minutes on his Mapshare page. Mike will also keep a blog journaling his preparations prior to and adventures during his trip. Be sure to check out his daily photo galleries as well.



Map generated by Mike Laver using the Great Circle Mapper - copyright © Karl L. Swartz.